The story of Dog Fashion Disco infuriates me. Like many, I initially wrote off the band due to its goofy name and consistently awful album artwork. However, when I heard Adultery (on Rotten), I was blown away. Here was a band that was basically Mr. Bungle in its diversity and quirkiness, but with songs one could actually remember.

Alas, not enough people picked up on this, and the group recently disbanded. In online forums and comments boxes, I frequently saw this band either slagged or staunchly defended. If you incite such opposing reactions, you’re probably doing something right.

Dog Fashion Disco – The Darkest Days
Dog Fashion Disco – Sweet Insanity

The Live in Baltimore CD/DVD revealed a band with sick chops and great stage presence, but Adultery was a further quantum leap forward. The album was a concept story about a man’s descent into debauchery, with an amazingly orchestrated blend of metal, lounge, ska, and even a dead-on Johnny Cash impression. The whole thing had a film noir aura, like Sin City set to music. Each time I hear this album, I hear new things, like cool production touches or subtle melodic interplay. A record this epic must have required immense effort, and, hell, I’d quit, too, if after I made it, people didn’t get it.

If you dig any of The End’s recent “circus metal” output – Stolen Babies, Unexpect, Estradasphere – you’ll love this album. Cast a vote against the injustice of this world and get it at Rotten or The End.