Psychedelic black metal group Dissolve Patterns keeps their black metal side concealed, like a dagger up a sleeve. Their self-titled debut contains plenty of blast beats, tremolo picking, and other mainstays of the genre, but it's not a constant: they reserve it like a deadly volley to be released at exactly the right moment. Sweeping string melodies and explorative guitar work craft the rest of the record, filling the spaces between with somber, but mysterious compositions that sit somewhere in between drone, jazz, and progressive rock. Yes, that's a large space, but the Belgium group traverses a surprising amount of it. They meld this seamlessly with outbursts of intensity, and the points where their hypnotizing sound suddenly shows its teeth come with enjoyable payoff. We're streaming the album in full below before it releases next Friday:



Though shadowed and decidedly unpredictable, the record never meanders. Dissolve Patterns' anchors their avant-garde approach with urgent and curious basslines, playing off the drums with precise syncopation and providing a single point of focus to follow. Despite being broken up into five separate tracks, the entire work flows like a single composition that grows increasingly jaded and dour as it progresses—the vocals near the end seem flecked with even more vitriol. Given the nature of this band, however, attempting to ascribe any particular narrative to the album is likely folly—just enjoy this tempting encounter with chaos.

The band comments:

The impression of the Real overwhelms us. To be able to construct meaning, we fabricate realities that form patterns. These patterns create a perception of order where merely chaos resides. Therefore, they unravel, evolve and dissolve.

Our music reflects those ideas. Well-defined patterns flow gradually into overwhelming landscapes where all melodies collide. Our compositions fabricate meaning and uniqueness, but the litany of chaos is all that remains.
Absolution of expression is to be found in this key: Dissolve patterns!


Dissolve Patterns releases April 29th via Brucia Records.

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