I've been impressed by the recent output of Spain's Xtreem Music, the imprint of Avulsed frontman Dave Rotten (the label recently signed Obscene Gesture, whose demo I reviewed here). Disgorge (not to be confused with Austrian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and American bands of the same name) rolls out brutal, gore-oriented death/grind with an old-school flavor.

Next Mortuary Division

The drumming is a delight, with atypically placed fills cutting through the riffs; the mix really brings out the ride cymbal work. Solos aren't frequent, but when they hit, they nicely balance chaos and control. Overall, the attack is ferocious and varied. I can see this stuff totally killing it live. Mexico doesn't fuck around when it comes to death metal, and Disgorge is another fine example of that. Gore Blessed to the Worms is available from the Xtreem webstore.