This is a brilliant idea. You know those director's commentary features on DVDs, where directors talk in real time over their films? We now have the audio equivalent, with perhaps metal's best commentator, Fenriz.

Peaceville has reissued Darkthrone's Panzerfaust and Isengard's Høstmørke. These records don't interest me much. Panzerfaust is OK instrumentally (that's all Fenriz), but Nocturno Culto's vocals are incredibly abrasive. And I never got into Fenriz' Isengard project - "lo-fi yet bombastic folk metal" is not for me.

Now Peaceville's reissues include a second CD of Fenriz providing commentary on these albums in their entirety. Can you imagine the phone call from Peaceville to Fenriz? "Fenriz, we want you to sit there and listen to albums you made 15 years ago and record yourself talking about them". I can't imagine any musician agreeing to do this.

But Fenriz did. Those commentary discs are likely more interesting than the actual music. Below are two excerpts, one song from each record. Fenriz is in fine form, dishing out his trademark humor along with insights about the recordings. He explains how to pronounce "En Vind Av Sorg", and evidently "Isengard" is pronounced "Issunguard".

Here are two quotes from the commentaries below.

On Panzerfaust:

This is the most necro album we ever did, in my eyes.

On Isengard:

Folk metal should, in most cases, be deleted. I think it's a horrible form of music, actually. And I might have contributed to that.

Ordering information is below. Enjoy the clips - they're a hoot.

— Cosmo Lee

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