Today, we are thrilled to bring you the latest from Diabolic Oath, the Aischrolatreia EP, out September 2 via Sentient Ruin. It’s a pure slice of blackened death glory, and we have the album below for you to stream in full a day early.

[Editor's Note: Aischrolatreia, is a Greek-derived word meaning "excessive devotion to filth or obscenity." Sounds about right.]



“These songs were written after writing our second full-length, to be honest,” the band explain. “It was an endeavor to make something raw in comparison to Profane Death Exodus. It also was an opportunity to experiment and evolve our sound into regions not explored on our previous releases, which we like to do. Recording was done by ourselves; it was quite on-the-go. The drums, for example, were completed in five hours’ time.

The record “delivers a churning and abysmal onslaught of warped, tectonic hallucinations,” according to the press release, and it’s not wrong. It’s easy to get lost in the layered, brooding riffs, perfect for summoning in the fall season.

“The concept is built around the title; it’s a worship of filth in every aspect, be it production, lyrics, songsmithing; it’s a complete concept,” the band continues.

And that’s not all: if you didn’t get enough filth this time around, they will be back soon with another record.

“The production on the next record is almost complete; we just need to take it to its final stages,” they say. “The songwriting is a bit more complex than Profane Death Exodus and it’s quite arousing.”


Aischrolatreia releases September 2nd via Sentient Ruin.

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