Stockholm's Desolator have been in the death metal scene for over a decade, but it's been seven years since their last full-length -- no worries, though, because Sermon of Apathy is on the horizon, a deliciously old-school new-school death metal album with wide appeal to fans all over the spectrum. This is a band whose chops should come without question; indeed, they've even invited Nile guitarist Karl Sanders to guest.

We go through a fuckton of music to hone in on the bands whose sound we feel resonates most artistically and contextually -- on both of those fronts, Desolator will be launching a winner with this second full-length. With all the prerequisite instrumentation and riffage easily mastered, the band focuses on atmosphere-shaping and mood-generating tactics that really enhance the listening experience. Sometimes the more subtle and delicate touches are lost on death metal bands -- many have a good reason for this approach, though -- but with Sermon of Apathy, the product feels exceptionally well-engineered as well as well-designed.

Did I mention it whips? Yeah, it's not just all noodly tech-shit and embellishments. Underneath the sometimes dense layering and viscous songwriting is a readily familiar structure of death metal delights that keep knees bopping (or heads banging, depending on where you are at the time). Hear for yourself with a stream of the album's closing song, which itself closes with that aforementioned Karl Sanders solo.



Sermon of Apathy releases September 4th, 2020 via Black Lion Records.

From the band:

"The Great Law of the Dead" is the album's closing track, an almost nine-minute dive into Lovecraftian horror, featuring an awesome guest solo by Nile's Karl Sanders. It's one of Desolator's most ambitious tracks so far, and it's an honor to have one of our musical idols play on it.

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