It's been almost two years since I last wrote about Desolate Realm, and I still find that the combination of heavy metal and epic doom they offer is in short supply elsewhere. Plenty of bands play up-tempo doom that crosses over to heavy metal, true, but it's rarely as fast or as menacing as you'll find on the Finnish band's upcoming album Legions. There's no toeing the line here–expect both high speed, intricate heavy metal and patient, dignified doom, unified by deft tempo-crossing playing and hefty songwriting that gives each flavor ample time in the sunless lands that the band chronicle.

Though I'd argue the riffs and overall approach are along the same lines as the band's self-titled debut, Legions steps up in terms of atmosphere and intensifies the heavy metal on display: everything seems majestic and incredibly lethal, with some parts fast and furious enough I had doubts the album would ever return to doom pacing again. It did, though, and Legions exemplifies how metal can move past strict subgenre delineations and conventions without ever losing authenticity.

We're streaming "Forsaken Ground" today, which drops listeners into some of the fastest territory on the record. The extremely beefy drum tone pairs well with drummer Olli Törrönen's nuanced playing, and multi-instrumentalist Matias Nastolin gets to flex his lead and rhythm guitar skills. Stream the track and read more about it below:



From the band:

"Forsaken Ground" is one of the faster tracks on our second album Legions. The idea was to create an epic but also, at the same time, a fierce atmosphere. We think "Forsaken Ground" turned out quite well with its supply of riffs and heavy drums. It definitely shows what Desolate Realm is all about!


Legions releases March 17th independently via Bandcamp.

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