One strongly positive indicator that a song is going to rule: when the bass is just as loud as the guitar. That low-end commitment is part of Demons My Friends‘ appeal, but the Austin/Mexico City groove unit applies their sonic dominance toward deftly-written, clever songs to really seal the deal. The trio can bring big riffs as well as surprisingly dense, climactic hooks that help shake up their pacing, introducing drama into their luxuriously groovy pacing.

On “Ghost of You,” taken from the band’s upcoming debut album Demons Seem to Gather, bass-heavy riffs lead the way to smoky, roomy atmosphere. Bassist/vocalist Lu Salinas paints a portrait of longing with his emotional lyrics, gently intoned to contrast with the thumping rhythm below. The intensity picks up in the chorus, but atmosphere–which the track’s video has in spades–remains a constant factor. Watch below and revel in the sensation (and bass tone).

Demons Seem to Gather releases September 8th via Gravitoyd Heavy Music.