Have you ever wanted to stop thinking so much? Metal nowadays has so much thought to it. Manifestos, philosophy, interviews, credos, progressions, and other things that involve brain power to fully digest. Don't you just wish it could stop so you could take a brain-breather? On their debut EP, Chicago deathgrind quartet Degenerate Synapse are the answer to your problem. Pure lizard-brain, meat-and-potatoes ignorance found somewhere between (actual) death metal's brawn and grindcore's speed–complete with the occasional two-step, because this is actual -core–Degenerate Synapse's debut EP is the kind of music where you find yourself making the Patrick Bateman "Ooh" face at crucial moments. It's just so satisfying, and, more importantly, there is absolutely zero pretense. Degenerate Synapse are here to craft heavy chaos and that is it, and with a pedigree that boasts former members of Sea of Shit and Chicago Thrash Ensemble–two seminal Chicago acts–among others (vocalist Dave "Hoffa" Hofer is also a local music historian whose Bandcamp is worth perusing), Degenerate Synapse will be a crucial addition to your death metal, grind, and/or deathgrind playlists. Stop thinking so much.

Listen to Degenerate Synapse's debut EP ahead of its Friday release below.

Degenerate Synapse releases on CD tomorrow (with cassette incoming sometime soon),