by Cosmo Lee

The Deathspell Omega vinyl box set is stirring up the expected circles — but if you’re not in them, here are the details. Five picture discs, five art prints, and an A1 poster in a logo-decorated box. The discs cover DsO’s early period: the first two LP’s (Infernal Battles and Inquisitors of Satan), and three discs of material from various splits. For a large discussion of the box set, including the requisite debate about pic discs, see here. A real-life photo of it is visible here.

Lethal Baptism (from Inquisitors of Satan)

In the EU, you can order it at Eisenton, Undercover, and W-T-C (and probably other distros also). In the US, Hells Headbangers has no pre-orders, but says to watch its new arrivals space; see here. The AJNA Offensive sold out of its first batch, but will likely have a second batch available this Thursday and Friday.

Speaking of DsO merch, I stumbled across Deathspell Omega jackets.