by Cosmo Lee

Lately, when I want to remember what death metal sounds like, I put on Dead Congregation. Not the nth generation dub with slick production and click tracks. I mean the original, the stuff aficionados capitalize. Death Metal. These Athenians have Morbid Angel's tunneling riffs, Incantation's necro atmosphere, and Immolation's groaning bends and spiky pinch harmonics. They wield these so well that I want to dive underground and roll around in the soil. Rocks, roots, tendrils. Enucleation recently reissued their Purifying Consecrated Ground EP. It's dark and hell is hot. Just as scorching is the full-length Graves of the Archangels (Nuclear War Now!, 2008). Why haven't I heard more about it? In a year full of great death metal, this might be the best. The graves have opened, and the ghosts of 1991 walk again. I have trouble describing them, for their venom enslaves me. Aaaaaagh! Urrrrrrgh! Blessed are the sick!

Morbid Paroxysm
Vanishing Faith

Nuclear War Now! (CD)
Nuclear War Now! (LP)