There’s nothing like a DDENT music video to make you question what’s real and what’s not. The video for “La Nuit Transforme,” taken from the French post-metal band’s just-released Ex Auditu (Part 2) EP, is a vivid portrayal of life, yet it feels incredibly dreamlike. Similarly, DDENT’s music combines ethereal, lush textures with moments of harsh clarity, finding an uncanny connection back to the waking world.

This particular track also includes violinist Jun-Gui Kwon, who adds a striking nostalgic lead to the song–it feels almost haunting, actually, and the video makes good on that suspenseful feeling eventually. I won’t spoil anything, but it wouldn’t be a DDENT video without something in there to really make you reconsider everything you’ve seen. Watch below, and make sure to check out the full EP as well.

Ex Auditu (Part 2) released June 21st via Chien Noir and can be purchased via Bandcamp.