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Darkthrone wants your cover art.

Gylve and Ted have decided that they want new artwork for upcoming reissues of Goatlord and Ravishing Grimness.

This is a good idea, since their covers are quite naff.

Cheesy as it is with its mirrored effect (that needs to be banned from all future metal artwork), I actually don't mind Goatlord's cover much. It's at least strong, recognizable from afar.

(The music is another matter. It's my least favourite Darkthrone record. Why is it even being reissued?)

On the other hand, Ravishing Grimness' cover is an unmitigated disaster.

So your favourite one-take wonders are asking for help.

Here's their statement:

We are pleased to announce that Peaceville/Snapper has bought the entire Moonfog catalogue of Darkthrone, that is seven albums in total. The plan is to release these albums within the next year, with new distro network and fresh thinking around these albums. There are two albums that will have entirely new cover artwork: Ravishing Grimness and Goatlord. This is a decision that is made by Fenriz and myself. And the idea now is that we are making a competition out of this. If you now feel the urge to contribute to this competition, you are most welcome to send in your art to Peaceville. Only serious contributions will reach Fenriz and me to decide upon. Thank you in advance, we're looking forward to this.

Oh, and if anyone thinks we'll go for 'computer design' or 'photoshop' covers, forget about it. Hand drawn or painted is the only thing that will do. Really. Or there's gonna be a fight.

And here are the complete details. Be sure to read the terms and conditions page at the bottom. It's important. Email submissions to competition@peaceville.co.uk before January 31.

To encourage you to enter, I am setting the bar very low, even lower than the original artwork.

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— Cosmo Lee
Front photo by Lars Eivind Bones

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