When I first downloaded Messy, Isn't it?, the last album by LA's Dangers, I couldn't keep the MP3's in the same folder as the rest of my hardcore. I made a new folder for them called "Unreasonably Pissed".

I now store all songs in it that inspire a certain feeling. It's not enough to be angry to qualify as unreasonably pissed. For example, Napalm Death do not qualify as "Unreasonably Pissed". Their music is furious, but they have reason to be furious. They are exactly as furious as is called for. "Unreasonably Pissed" is about exaggeration. Anaal Nathrakh occupy the first alphabetical position in "Unreasonably Pissed". They also have good reason to be pissed - the same reasons as Napalm Death, for the most part. They, however, take their anger to unreasonable levels. For example, there is a song on their upcoming album, The Whole of the Law called "We Will Fucking Kill You". They are unreasonably pissed.

Music does not need to be metal or hardcore to be in "Unreasonably Pissed". I keep Getto Boys in that folder (but not Run the Jewels).

Much of the unreasonable anger that attracts a small but fierce fanbase to Dangers comes from vocalist Al Brown, who operates on the same blown-out frequency as JR Hayes of Pig Destroyer and with an equally literary slant, albeit with a more sardonic and conversational tone.

Dangers recently released "Kiss With Spit", the first song from their upcoming LP (and first in six years) The Bend in the Break. It is, of course, unreasonably pissed, if it's a little less riffy than their previous EP Five O'Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World. The title does recall the lyrics to "43% Burnt" by Dillinger Escape Plan, a similarly Unreasonably Pissed band.



"The Bend In The Break" will be released on October 14th via Topshelf Records. You can preorder it here.

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