When discussing old-school death metal, the late 80s and early 90s creep to mind more than the pubescent period wherein the first death metal acts pushed thrash to its breaking point. The earliest death metal albums found their footing in a no man’s land that had yet to be tread. The Moscow by way of the United Kingdom act Critical Extravasation inhabit this land too, and the latest single "Redeeming Flames" from their upcoming debut Order of Decadence brings it back to modern consciousness. Listen to it below ahead of the album’s release on November 18.



Critical Extravasation operate with reverence for their craft as if they’re discovering how much was left on the cutting room floor from death metal’s earliest days. They have a sharper, thinner sound that expands upon the genre’s origins using moody interludes. Beyond that, there’s a modesty to “Redeeming Flames” wherein the track forgoes overindulgence–both musically and theatrically–for fundamentals. It’s still a romp to listen to but there’s no exaggerated performativity. It’s workmanlike rather than provocative, meaning that there’s little buy-in necessary. Its appeal–crystalline riffs and untethered energy–is as apparent as a hammer to the face.

All that being said, there’s going to be tension with any Russia-related reporting, but Order of Decadence, and Critical Extravasation as a whole, oozes hostility towards the Russian regime. Bandleader and bassist Victor Khaychenko studied abroad in the UK for the past several years and two of their members possess Ukrainian heritage. Additionally, Khaychenko volunteered at a Ukrainian refugee camp in Latvia for a month. Mere days after Russia invaded Ukraine, the group made their stance clear in a long social media post, the key takeaway being: We condemn Putin’s rule and the pointless bloodshed that he started. As well as the pointless war of conquest that was happening for the past 8 years. We’ve tagged some Ukrainian bands that you should go and support.

Regarding "Redeeming Flames," the band comments:

Whilst writing "Redeeming Flames," I wanted to experiment more with the structure. As far as I can remember, I was listening to a lot of Confessor during the writing of "Redeeming Flames." So that’s where the inspiration comes for the slow part in the middle. I also wanted to add something jazz like for contrast with the heavy parts. And ended up using the intro riff.


Order of Decadence releases November 18th via Redefining Darkness Records.

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