God of Excrement

Moshpit Tragedy

Creative Waste says that it’s “the only grindcore band in Saudi Arabia thus far.” I won’t disagree, as Encyclopaedia Metallum lists a grand total of five metal bands for that country. An interview reveals that Saudi Arabia has no bars, as alcohol consumption is illegal there, and that Bahrain is where Saudis go for kicks – fascinating stuff.

The five tracks on this DIY demo are rawer than fresh carpet burn. They won’t win any production awards, but the sound fits the material, a brawl between early Nasum, Napalm Death, and so on. The lyrics make no sense (“Austere I’ve become, delusional yet brainwashed by your lucrative acts of forgery / It weakens my taste like constant lavender in god’s blue world”), but the various screams, squiggly leads, and occasional blastbeats more than make up for them. You can find Colonies and other CDR’s at Moshpit Tragedy.