Melodic doom metal live takes on a certain majesty, and that's especially clear on Resonance. This record features songs from Countless Skies’ first two albums performed live in the studio alongside cellist Arianna Mahsayeh. The U.K-based melodic death metal powerhouse have collected songs from both records New Dawn and Glow for a special showcase on this album.

Loud and epic but also mournful and unique, this take on their debut records will be satisfying to fans of melodic, heavy music that pushes boundaries. Stream it here:



About the album, the band say:

Each track has unique parts written specifically for the cello, adding extra melodies and layers that help the songs to reach new heights. After playing several shows and festival slots across the country, and in preparation for our set at MetalDays 2022, we decided to capture the sound we'd created with Arianna by recording a live set at Gusto Studios in Luton, Bedfordshire.


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Track Listing:

1. Daybreak (4:20)
2. Summit (6:01)
3. Glow (20:15)
4. Wanderer (5:47)
5. Tempest (5:10)

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