With a noted lack of subtlety or wasted seconds,"Process of Elimination" shreds right out of the gate. Actually, it does more than shred: the fast-paced opening riff blurs its individual notes together at a high enough speed that the whirling flurry is more likely to eviscerate entirely. It's one of the most punishing tracks from Floridian death-thrash unit Corrupted Saint's upcoming Mutilated Before the Masses EP, and we're premiering it now -- start eliminating your brain cells.



The guitars here hit a sweet spot for me, which I imagine is somewhere between my ears and right behind my eyeballs: viciously thick with a gritty punch that's like a sonic power-washing. Even as their high-speed assault grinds down to a grueling, staccato pace, the song doesn't let up: that stabbing cadence offers just a hint of contrast before the tempo picks up again and thrashy grooves and wild leads reign. The track's not particularly long, but with zero waste and zero filler involved, it doles out ideal amounts of devastation and scathing cynicism to earn its place in the razor-sharp EP.

Regarding "Process of Elimination," the band comments:

The lyrics for "Process of Elimination" are based off of personal observations made through my lifetime of witnessing the darker side of human nature and how we are capable of becoming so concerned with our own needs and priorities that we are willing to let others die or suffer in the process. This has been demonstrated throughout the history of man through wars, governmental corruption, economic collapse, etc.

-- Kyle Sweeny, Vocals/Guitars

The riffs for this song were influenced by seeing Municipal Waste live and the desire to write a catchy thrasher!

-- Chase Moody, Lead Guitar


Mutilated Before the Masses releases December 25th via Redefining Darkness Records (North America) and Raw Skull Recordz (Europe).

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