Photo by Carmelo Española

An elegant mountain of metal meat, the Pelican Burger was yet another off-the-wall creation from Kuma’s Corner, as it brought elegant staples out of fine dining and integrated them with a burger geared more towards PBR-swilling hessians.

The Pelican Burger had several layers of flavor that swirled in the palate. The lardons, small cubes of pork fat mostly used by French chefs, rested on top of pan-seared scallops. Despite being well done, the scallops retained fresh, oceanic flavor and succulently soft texture. The parmesan crisp gave the burger a slightly different angle by providing a thick and crunchy cheese cover for the 10 oz. Kobe beef patty. The patty, cut from highly prized cows that are massaged and fed with beer and sake in accordance with Japanese tradition, was the highlight of the burger. One could taste that the beef was juicy and tender because of the TLC given to the cow. The combination of the garlic white wine aioli and sauce blanketed the burger in a buttery, garlicky aura.

This burger was only available for one night during Pelican‘s listening party for their new album, What We All Come to Need (Southern Lord, 2009). But if it ever gets added to the permanent menu, spread your wings and open your beak for this beautiful mass of meat.

– Carmelo Española

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From time to time, Carm will sacrifice his arteries for the sake of this column. Pelican’s new album is streaming in its entirety here.