I first heard of the Southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas by way of Goatsnake. The odd cover of "Hot Rod" invoked images of Johnny Law deputies hassling scraggly heshers in denim over weed and 'ludes. Whereas fellow American contemporaries Blue Cheer serenaded us with the summertime blues and Pentagram forewarned us to review our choices, Black Oak Arkansas were simply all about sticking the hot and nasty middle finger to the man.

Kuma's Corner recently whipped up a burger worthy to be named after these outlaws. The Black Oak Arkansas burger is a hunter's salty dream come true. For starters, the Alpha King battered shallots are a savory upgrade from traditional onion rings. The inside feels caramelized, and the batter retains a small hint of Alpha King's hoppy flavor. The red wine barbeque sauce and aged cheddar cheese are sweet primers for the main highlight: feral wild boar bacon. This the kind of bacon that would make rifle-wielding, meat-loving hunters proud. The bacon packs a gamey, jerky-like texture that needs to be enjoyed slowly and patiently. After all, feral wild boar meat doesn't come around to city plates that often, and these razorback rebels of the wild don't give a damn about free range or factory farming. Pair this burger up with an Oaked Arrogant Bastard to acquire an imaginary pair of balls made out of fire.

"Swimmin' in Quicksand"

As the hot summer months give way to the frosty winds of fall, the wild boars slowly recede into the forest in preparation for winter hibernation. Take advantage of this rare treat, because, like Black Oak Arkansas, this burger will disappear into the mysterious mist of razorback country.

— Carmelo Española

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Carm occasionally sacrifices his arteries for the sake of this column.

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