Some albums can be viewed as a journey, transporting a listener from one state of mind or mental scenery to an entirely new one, developing along the way. Colored Moth's upcoming album Inertia, however, is almost an inversion of this concept: the band's expressive blend of post-hardcore, noise rock, and post-punk comes at the listener like an oncoming storm. No travel required -- fragmented thoughts and feelings rush into the mind and leave almost as quickly. Propelled by urgent, erratic song structures and carefully-controlled chaos, Inertia demands above all to be processed emotionally and instantly. Try this out now with our full premiere:



Though Inertia wields the raw, angry edge of post-hardcore, it also has a gentle, minimalist side. There's a statuesque beauty to how the band finds just the right amount of space in their compositions, leaving out unnecessary cruft between drum beats when it would have gotten in the way. Weaving together driving bass, crunchy guitar, and thoughtful screamed musings like an especially coarse tapestry, Inertia delivers full-bore cacophony with aplomb. However, on tracks like "Ever So Slightly," they excise almost all of that in favor of atmospheric stillness, letting wind chimes and clean guitar fill the void with haunting reverberations.

This is a tough album to try and predict. Bittersweet melodies coalesce into crushing crescendos, sudden silence follows shocking volume, and the thought-provoking lyrics prompt unexpected musings throughout. Inertia is best experienced without any proactive attempts to analyze it--it's always better to observe a storm than try and wade through it.

The band comments:

"It is very paralyzing to see progressive developments happen very slowly, if at all. INERTIA reflects observations of today's torn realities in its lyrics and noise.


Inertia releases June 24th via Moment of Collapse Records.

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