In what is likely to be this year's heaviest split release, the midwest alliance of Michigan grind trio Cloud Rat and Chicago droning death/doom metal trio Disrotted finds solid footing in the subterranean, all-surrounding pressure of crushing, sludgy doom. Though Disrotted's explosive - I've been known to refer to their music as "explosion metal" - split closer "Dissipate" more closely resembles their signature band of Corrupted-inspired, hyper-minimalist low-frequency worship, Cloud Rat's lengthy opening statement "Holding the Picture" shows a new face to this already multi-faceted band. "Playing the long-game," Cloud Rat makes the jump and matches Disrotted's sub-funereal pace for a blackened eighteen-minute dirge.

The lavish, triple-gatefold split LP between Cloud Rat and Disrotted will be jointly released between Halo of Flies Records (the label's 100th release!) and Dry Cough Records on June 2nd. Head below for a full stream of the album with commentary from each artist.


From the artists:

After becoming bffs with Disrotted a few years back, we discussed doing a split together where both bands would do something a bit different from what we usually would, sonically and visually. As Cloud Rat had been toying around with the idea of writing a grind epic for a few years (Qliphoth started as one long song, actually, but the idea wasn't coherent enough so we scratched it), we decided to go that route for this release. With this song, we were unconcerned with genre tropes, tried to stretch our creative legs a bit and layered in a lot of different ideas, lots of keys, samples, noise, extra instrumentation, different vocal approaches, etc. Lyrically, Madison wrote a loose story about a woman in a future civilization on a distant planet, looking back upon our destroyed planet and the mistakes of earlier humans. Emotions are meaningless, great destroyers of the past. She transcends this reality to a higher plane of existence, and helps others to do the same. Voyage of the Acolyte was a big influence for this track, lol.
Hopefully in the near future we can put together a lineup for a tour that can pull this off live. We'll need a couple extra pals along to do it justice.
This will probably bore folks who only dig our really aggressive stuff, so skip it if you fall under that umbrella.

-Cloud Rat

We have been discussing doing a split with Cloud Rat for years, and we are thrilled that we are finally able to do it. Musically, this split showcases some of our slowest and most disturbing music yet. I think we are starting to really push ourselves to create some of the most bleak and textural doom today. Lyrics are influenced by themes such as interdimensional travel, nightmares, supernatural forces, and the coming age of forever darkness,



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