I completely missed Cherokee's early material, so the band effectively came out of nowhere for me this year. It’s a pleasant surprise in the best of ways, with the German rockers' upcoming debut album Blood & Gold (out November 19th in full) representing some of the best hard rock that I’ve heard in years. Feel-good dual leads, 1970s rocking bliss, and an extremely cool vocalist all melt together with blues and a surprising Western aesthetic (not something I’ve seen from a German band, personally!) to pull together an album that’s as pleasantly grooving as it is gorgeous and compelling.

Not satisfied to write cool music alone, Cherokee also have loftier ambitions and Blood & Gold is special and ambitious in every sense of the word: it’s a 15 song double album, and it’s here (soon) to rock you to hell and back. Today, we're premiering the official music video for album opener "Bill Pullman." Catchy leads, driving rhythms, and a mesmerizing vocal assault come together to make it clear that Cherokee know exactly how to kickstart an album, and the band's eccentric (almost an understatement) charm makes the video hard to forget as well.



The band comments:

This song is meant to cheer people up. At times everyone has a minor or major downer, struggling to find one's own self and strength again. We believe in you, you'll rise again. To all the others already having a great time: just go with the flow and enjoy the riffs.


Blood & Gold releases November 19th via Dying Victims Productions.

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