Full Metal Jacket
Stronger than God

Autopsy Kitchen

“No Vikings, No Corpsepaint, No Keyboards, No Bullshit,” says the traycard of Evilspeak. The manifesto, which also appears on Chemikiller’s goofy website, ends with, “Just Black Fuckin’ Thrash.” Ergo, a purely (and I mean purely) old-school homage to Venom, Motörhead, Bathory, and so on. Down with “kvlt,” up with Satan!

Chemikiller is a one-man blasphemy machine, Ryan “Ramrod” Weiss. I’m curious how he got that nickname, but I’m kind of afraid of the answer. For something recorded using cheap software, this album sounds pretty good. The drum programming is a surprisingly accurate simulation of human playing. The highlights, though, are the riffs, of which Weiss has a seemingly endless supply. Each song has a distinct identity, which seems to be a lost art in metal these days.

The lyrics are more than over-the-top: “Mother Green and the killing machine / Born again hard, fighting mean / Tossing bodies into empty holes / Keeping Hell full of fresh souls.” Nearly an hour of “Stronger than God,” “Enemy of Christ,” and “Devil’s Reign” gets old after a while, but it’s damn funny at times. You can get this diabolical disc directly from Chemikiller’s MySpace, as well as Autopsy Kitchen.