Darkthrone's MySpace blog is, ironically, a good place to find out about other bands. Each week Fenriz posts a "band of the week." His tastes are simple: any metal that sounds old (i.e., pre-'90s), whether it be black, death, thrash, or true.

Preacher of Evil

Finland's Cast Iron are one recent Fenriz find. They're on Earache's Heavy Metal Killers retro true metal compilation (reviewed here). Last year they made an EP called Leather & Metal. Its four tracks live up to its title. Driving riffs, perky leads, and out-of-nowhere King Diamond falsettos grace 20 timeless minutes. These sounds once came on LP, cassette, and CD. Now they come in ones and zeros for four measly bucks. Don't sleep, just headbang.

- Cosmo Lee

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