Reefer Stashed Place
I Cum Bud


Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier??? Maybe people did – the idea just never got past the half-baked stage. Cannabis Corpse is Philip Hall (“Landphil”) from Municipal Waste on guitar and bass, his brother Josh (“Hallhammer”) on drums, and Andy Horn (“Weedgrinder”) on vocals. As the name states, this is a stoner parody of Cannibal Corpse. Wait, that’s Six Feet Under, you say.

But while the intent is faded, the execution isn’t. Cannabis Corpse throws down some damn solid old school death metal; in fact, I enjoy this as much as, if not more than, the Death Breath record that bunched up everyone’s panties last year. The riffs are catchy and the production is surprisingly good for being done entirely at home on a digital 8-track. This is no mammoth Neil Kernon production, but the sound balances clarity and grit, and it fits the material perfectly.

A parody usually carries certain lyrical expectations, and this one delivers. Expect improbable mixtures of gore and weed:

Now the blunted shall be born
Legs spreading further
The child runs out, drenched in bongwater
Blunted at birth

How about this, uh, skull-splitter?

Skull I split and scalp I peel
Blazed as shit, can this be real?
Stoned as shit now, flesh I crave
For my munchies it’s your brain I save

This concept can only go so far, but Cannibal Corpse’s over-the-top song titles should provide ample material for some time. Evidently, the objects of parody agree. Spark one up, and order this from the band’s MySpace.