Short-lived, yet way ahead of their time, Burning Witch remain undefeatable. Ten years after its original release, Southern Lord has reissued Crippled Lucifer. This double-disc compilation of EP’s Towers… and Rift.Canyon.Dreams relights the Burning Witch torch, inviting newcomers and embracing old fans to trail its gloomy illumination. Formed in ’95, Burning Witch were the grandfathers of extreme doom. On the ’90s doom menu, Burning Witch served the most extreme recipe, painting the doom cosmos with eerie yet vibrant colors.

History of Hell (excerpt)
Sea Hag (excerpt)

Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))), Greg Anderson of Goatsnake, Jamie Sykes of Atavist, B.R.A.D. and G. Stuart Dahlquist of Asva, and Edgy 59 ? together they awaken the silent unknown, freeing its evil into an ear-shattering explosion. Edgy 59 serves his shrieks on a bed of ice in “History of Hell.” Its eerie effect compares to Khanate’s Alan Dubin, as he ingests Edgy’s coldness, projecting soaring wails throughout Capture and Release. Edgy frostbites ears in “Sea Hag,” searing tangled chords and feedback that creep like long spider legs. He nearly sounds like a burning witch, spitting final incantations at his inquisitors as fierce flames engulf his puny body. He’s gulping for air as corrosive drum strikes and extending chord vibrations trap his vocals in dark corners. I imagine this live, and I feel boiling cysts explode in my belly. 11 years after their demise, Burning Witch remain as beautifully repulsive as ever.

– Jess Blumensheid

The End
Southern Lord
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