When it rips, it rips.

Solo death metal project Buried Realm is the brainchild of Josh Dummer -- someone both talented enough to write a sprawling array of top-quality riffage and sharp enough to invite guests from Scar Symmetry, Soilwork, and Obscura fame (plus more) to join the fun. His new album is called Embodiment of the Divine, and I'll be blunt: these songs go harder than most full bands can manage, and the licks are as downright compelling as some of the best tech-death bands out there. What sets Buried Realm apart, though, is the proggy infusion of both downright speed and complete instrumental dexterity all without any of the pretense that usually flows freely through these sorts of territories.

Hear for yourself with a stream of "Overlord" below.



Fun fact -- the skeleton of "Overlord" started as a piano piece; it wasn't metal at all. After adding guitars and switching gears (completely, haha), it turned out way more interesting and exciting. Ironically, the song contains some of the most challenging guitar parts on the album. It was an honor having Andy Gillion on this one, too.


Embodiment of the Divine releases July 24th -- preorders available via Bandcamp.

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