A few weeks ago, I wrote quite glowingly of Massachusetts weed slammers Bonginator’s debut EP, the superbly-titled The 1986 Doink City Massacre as part of my end of the year coverage. Noting their pairing of quick-witted stoner humor with tight musicianship and melding of slam with an ‘80s crossover edge, I felt that the album had the same vibe as a super violent 1980s action movie set in an alternate universe where weed possession was never criminalized. Now, hot on the heels of the hype cycle of the debut, the Barbaric Bong Boys have Blessed us with a brand new music video for their brand new single, “Chopped 2 Pieces,” itself the kick-off to an upcoming first LP.



This new video is a classic “band performing in a strange environment that happens to appear remarkably similar to a basement, storage unit, or other location commonly utilized as a practice space” scenario, but don’t take that as disapproval, tropes are here to be used and perfected. Bonginator gets the importance of live performance, for which opting for this kind of video is most appropriate. Vocalist/guitarist Erik Thorstenn in particular holds his own in tasteful metal hamming for the camera, particularly when his hyper-gutturals come into play. It’s a well-made video as well, with just the right kind of DIY aesthetic: film grain, quick edits, and nifty camera tricks give the proceedings a really pleasant mid-2000s DVD mixtape feel, not to mention the fact that the band’s fitting collection of cannabis plant get some well-deserved visual prominence. And kudos to the Tim and Eric-esque local access end credits, that always amuses me.

What’s more, the song itself kicks a goodly amount of ass: it’s a nice mid-pace mosh song, alternating between an “Executioner’s Tax” gone death chugchugchugchug, a rumbling groove that resembles Morbid Angel’s best slow tracks, and a tupa-tupa pornogrind polka straight out of Gutalax. And as always, there’s that delicious St. Anger-y PING snare that all slam bands should aspire to, here cranked sufficiently as to resemble hitting an empty keg and which gives the track an inexorable momentum, particularly when it’s time to polka. Top it all off with a very tasteful breakdown and you got a real Bongdinger on your hands!


“Chopped 2 Pieces” may be viewed on the Slam Worldwide Youtube channel, while the single may be streamed on all platforms and purchased as a digital single from their Bandcamp. The 1986 Doink City Massacre is also currently available on all streaming platforms, and digital copies may also be purchased on their Bandcamp. More information on the debut full-length is upcoming. Bonginator kicks off an East Coast tour on January 5th:

Bonginator East Coast Tour Dates January 2023:

-Jan 5: O’Brien’s Pub, Allston MA
-Jan 6: Caesar’s Palace, Albany NY
-Jan 7: Monarch Side Stage, Brooklyn NY
-Jan 8: Bloodbank, Philadelphia PA
-Jan 10: Monstercade, Winston-Salem NC
-Jan 11: Tribbles, Piedmont SC
-Jan 12: Munchies 420, Sarasota FL
-Jan 13: Grumpy’s, Orlando FL
-Jan 14: Pocket’s, Vero Beach FL
-Jan 15: Catacombs, Atlanta GA
-Jan 16: Brickyard Bar, Knoxville TN
-Jan 17: The Camel, Richmond VA
-Jan 18: The Depot, Baltimore MD

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