"Conquer All"

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Nergal of Behemoth has leukemia. (See story here and here.) It has progressed to a point where chemotherapy would be ineffective, and (he just finished his first round of chemo) he needs a bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplants, from what I gather, are uncertain things and depend on a number of factors for the right match. The more potential donors there are, the better the chances of a match. It's unclear what kind of leukemia Nergal has, or if he's found a match yet, but now is a good time to learn about bone marrow donation.

Be the Match is the world's largest bone marrow registry. It has set out FAQs and Myths & Facts about the donation process, as well as information about the need for donors. (One big question answered: unlike typical blood donation, a marrow donor does not donate until the registry calls with a needed match.) An organization called Music Saves Lives provides information and logistical support for donations and marrow drives. Race and ethnicity matter for matches, so if you are of Polish descent, your marrow could help Nergal. If you are not, of course, your marrow will potentially help those whose genetics are close to yours.

A fitting accompaniment, perhaps, to all this is Behemoth's "Conquer All". (See video above.) This is my favorite Behemoth song. It has made me feel strong in times of weakness. Hopefully someone one out there can do the same for Nergal.

— Cosmo Lee

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