by Cosmo Lee

I never thought I’d hear bands that sounded like Blut aus Nord or Deathspell Omega. Yet Dissociated Human Junction (Panik Terror Musik, 2007) has three, plus BaN themselves. Fortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to copy BaN or DO, so this split is a product of inspiration, not theft. Spain’s Bloodoline turn in three tracks of disharmonic bliss. Some moments evoke BaN’s demented vacuum cleaner riffs, while others are more melodic. All are stinging, running jazz chords through clouds of distortion and sadness.

Bloodoline – Kristallkrush
Blut aus Nord – Part 1
Karras (Fra) – Xenoglossy (excerpt)

Frenchmen Reverence tender two tracks touching on Deathspell Omega’s darkly bejeweled chords. Blut aus Nord contribute three tracks from an ultra-rare 10″ released in 2004. That was right after Work Which Transforms God, so expect similarly tweaked glory. Best of all is BaN side project Karras, which closes the split with an amazing 11-minute opus that combines BaN’s seasick riffs with the heft of Deathspell Omega’s Kénôse. Ogre-like vocals, a hail of blastbeats and rolling percussion, guitars piercing from above, below, and within – this is the way forward for black metal.

I originally got this split for its rarity (only 1000 pressed), but now I can’t get enough of it. Aquarius Records has a few copies in; Reckless Records in Chicago and the AJNA Offensive also currently have it.

Reckless Records
The AJNA Offensive