There’s a striking contrast between modern veganism’s meal-prepping, date-and-almond square preparing, mindful-eating vegan food bloggers, and Carcass’ infamous Reek of Putrefaction album cover, where the British ensemble helped to solidify an association between animal rights advocacy and extreme metal through their lyrics and nausea-inducing artwork. While veganism and its ideals are often as instrumental to grindcore as blast beats, it’s a blessing there are divergent expressions. Both the aforementioned extremes attract different audiences to veganism, thus introducing more people to the philosophy. Three-ingredient healthy flax seed cookies might be an aphrodisiac to some teetering on the plant-based lifestyle, whereas others need hostility injected straight into their veins. For the latter, ditch the aquafaba and pick up Bloodmouth’s upcoming album Unmanned. The Australian death-grind group features members of Ploughshare, Mental Cavity, and IEXIST, and we’re premiering their debut album in full before its release on October 29.



Full disclosure; while listening to this album I was blending soft tofu packets in my high-speed Ninja blender to make an affordable soy yogurt derivative. The practice—combining plant-based foods, economical alternatives, and hellacious noise—was a revealing real-world allegory to Unmanned.

Much like that pureed tofu concoction, Unmanned is smooth yet dense. Each track packs a nutritional wallop. Drum patterns and guitars isolate grooves only to pivot to the next savory snack without a moment’s respite. The vocals vomit with disgust as they detail what Bloodmouth have in store for the vile carnists. Despite Unmanned’s unruliness, it’s a measured assault rather than an invasion of one’s sensory organs.

It’s invigorating that Bloodmouth are so passionate about their lifestyle, especially when you consider how much an omnivorous diet contributes to climate change. Thankfully, Bloodmouth are both heavily armed and equipped with a plan. Read the band’s detailed course of action below as you fill your veins with pea protein isolate.




From the band:

Unmanned comprises twelve weaponised sonic transmissions detailing the Bloodmouth militia's assault on the carnist industrial complex. No carnists, narcs, or snitches will be spared.

Transmission One: Dragged Across the Threshold describes the kidnap of carnists for subjection to brutal reprogramming tactics by Bloodmouth operatives.

Transmission Two: Spoiled Gaze is about a powerful owl with razor-sharp talons and laser-focused eyes launching silent midnight attacks on the critical infrastructure of the carnist industrial empire.

This includes precision aerial assaults on confined animal feeding operations, the supply chain logistics that deliver carnist products, and the promulgators of the great conspiracy against all animals.

Transmission Three: Matsutake Inheritance envisions the future following Bloodmouth-initiated nuclear assault on the strongholds of carnist snitchery.

Revel in mushroom ascendancy as spores rise up through the putrid refuse of carnist flesh.

Transmission Four: The Name of a Dog condemns the decrepit carnist mind.

Transmission Five: Flesh Ceremony recognises that the truest vegan position is the consumption of carnists themselves. say it with us: human remains will be trampled in.

Transmission Six: The Tomb of the Stoat is the rodent den from which Bloodmouth militia operatives launch assaults upon carnists and all carnist allies. Our cultivation of novel guerilla tactics is matched by the ferocity of our stoat allies. You will be forced into the terror portal. All hail the stoat insurgency.

Transmission Seven: Zootrotic Downpour details a 2020 mission undertaken by Bloodmouth’s porcine brothers and sisters in Argentina involving the release of giant vats of infected pig blood. As the world floods, there is a rabid sow with weaponised trotters, and she is gaining on you.

Transmission Eight: Copcrocalypse 1312 reveals Bloodmouth’s funnelling of local government finances and resources to a reptilian paramilitary intent on police abolition. Crocs hunt cops with extreme prejudice. The jaws of justice close on you with 3,700 pounds per square inch. You will not be forgiven.

Transmission Nine: Pneumetic Internals. Through the development of anti-carnist cyborg warfare tactics, Bloodmouth will detonate all machinery of industrial agriculture.

Transmission Ten: With Pliers is a threat to all scientists conducting experiments on animal subjects. We will experiment on you.

Transmission Eleven: Bloodmouth militia operatives the Pangolin Death Squad are exclusively responsible for the spread of covid-19. We pledge to assist their destruction of all pandemic cures.

Transmission Twelve: Sharpening Stone. In response to government-created unmanned aerial vehicles using novel ai technology, avian Bloodmouth militia super soldiers will decimate our drone adversaries and assert their rightful position as apex predators.

We are coming for you.


Unmanned releases October 29th via Brilliant Emperor Records.

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