No matter how many feeds of information one consumes, the sheer scale of suffering and injustice in the modern world is essentially impossible to comprehend. Doing so would almost shatter the mind -- but grindcore does a decent job of expressing the fucked-up-ness of the world, delivering enough chaos and intensity to help us mentally approximate it. Given that things have definitely not improved since the genre's founding, it makes a twisted sort of sense that bands like New Zealand's Bloodbox would find ways to escalate the format further. And escalate they have, merging elements of electronic music with grindcore and turning an already chaotic genre into an absolute maelstrom.

Stitching samples, drum loops, looming synthesizers, and more into a tapestry of misanthropic death and grind riffs, their new album Post Human Disorder barely holds onto a single idea long enough for listeners to grasp it before diving into new soundscapes and new horrors. Like any good collage, this rapid-fire pacing and scattered focus evokes imagery that's far more interesting than a single, focused sound might have been. Flickers of radio broadcasts interspersed with acrid vocals and jungle beats sketch out Bloodbox's view of the world: an increasingly controlled and corrupted dumpster fire. Attempting to outline their vision with anything less volatile would have been a fool's errand.

Stream the whole album below:



Post Human Disorder releases August 26th via Headwound Recordingz.

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