There's no single formula for what makes a concept album good, especially in the realm of black metal, but it's certainly not always about nailing story beats or throwing in plot twists. Drawing listeners into the theme and atmosphere of a story simply requires conviction: the music needs to live up to the story it tells.

In this regard, Swedish black metal crafters Blodskam gave themselves a considerable challenge on their second-full length album, Ave Eva: there's not many stories larger than the universe's creation and destruction, and this tale is told from the infuriated perspective of a creation no longer willing to serve its purpose. Their darkly majestic black metal is more than up to the task, however: the band imbues their profane, triumphant saga with a hefty dose of rock'n'roll swagger: more than enough to match the rebellious path of its protagonist, Eve. Across its six tracks, hellishly theatrical riffs fuse ear-catching melody with heretical aggression.

Released today, Ave Eva weaves the Judeo-Christian story of creation into a new tale, propelling Eve into a leading role in the world's unmaking. Just like the album's title is a palindrome, ending where it begins, so does the album's concept: from chaos first comes ghastly order, and as the album unfolds Eve ensures that this order returns to pure, primordial chaos.

In the track-by-track breakdown below, Blodskam explains the album's concept and walks us through some of the songwriting as well. Throw on the album and follow its serpentine path below.



"1. Perverse Creation":

Fast and furious, with a catchy and quite melodic chorus, ‘Perverse Creation’ is a good representation of the dynamics of Ave Eva as a whole. It is the beginning of a chronological story in six parts of Eve and her rebellion against God and this song speaks of Genesis, when the first humans are created to live as slaves in a world that is basically, one big, failed experiment.

"2. Scales and Skin":

We like to think that this song stands out from the rest. In fact, it was originally written for another project. It is mid-paced, with the main riff driven forward by the drums like a whip. The bridge suddenly rips it apart with blasting beats and lyrically, Eve encounters Satan in the form of a serpent and she becomes aware of her situation. He becomes her new companion. No longer innocent, forever militant.

"3. This Lonely War":

The black flame is burning within Eve and she realizes that she needs to take action. She wants Adam to join her in the war against God, but he hides in fear. The main parts of the track was written quite a few years ago and it wasn’t even a black metal song, but it’s now got a new verse and slightly different riffing in the chorus.

"4. Sharpening the Knives":

The harrowing guitar notes that run through nearly the entire song is what makes it unique and creates a hook that sticks. We wanted a pounding and powerful feel to the chorus. In the lyrics, Eve is making her final preparations for war, and sharpening her knives. She is full of scorn for the maker and proud of her murderous venture.

"5. The Decapitation of the First Man":

At this point in the story, Eve is addressing Adam, who was led to believe by God that she would be his humble slave. That part she will not play. She cuts off his head and makes her firstborn Cain her accomplice. No creature will survive.

"6. Chaos Reigns":

The final and epic end of creation where Eve destroys the universe to restore infinite chaos. We wanted the music to simply reflect the grandeur of the apocalypse. It builds up with a few effective parts. How would it be if a song evolved around a figure with a rhythmic pattern of three simple beats as the main element? It turned out well. Bleak and monotonous and with a haunting choir chanting towards the end. The lyrics wrap up the story nicely with the word of God made undone. Ave Satana! Ave Eva!


Ave Eva releases today via Suicide Records.

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