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MeteorCity acts Black Pyramid and Let the Night Roar are currently leaving a sludgy, down-tuned trail across the eastern US. (Below are the remaining dates.)  Black Pyramid's self-titled debut has been a smash hit in stoner metal circles, while Let the Night Roar might be the next big thing after High on Fire, Kylesa, and Lair of the Minotaur.

In honor of this tour, I've posted tracks by both bands. I'm also giving away CD's of their latest albums. I know I just did a giveaway, but (a) I need to clear off my desk, and (b) people generally don't complain about giveaways.

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Last week a Picasso painting was auctioned for $106.5M. (The bidder was anonymous.) You and I probably would have spent that money differently. How differently?

Here's the situation: You have $106.5M. You must spend it all. You cannot spend it on yourself or your family. You cannot spend it on something that gives you a financial benefit (e.g., a for-profit business). You can, however, spend it on something that gains you some other benefit, like cleaner air or psychic satisfaction. How do you spend it?


There were many interesting entries.  These included funding the New Wave of African Metal (NWOAM), a chain of metal-themed cafes with grindcore/fish taco Tuesdays, and the largest budget porno movie ever.

However, jonn o)))'s was the most frank and, frankly, useful: "I would pay back all the bands whom I have ripped off through illegal downloads…plus interest".  He doesn't have to rip off Black Pyramid and Let the Night Roar, as he won their CD's.  Congratulations!

Leave your answer in the comments. The most interesting one (to me) wins. International entrants are welcome. This contest closes at midnight EST this Wednesday, May 12.

— Cosmo Lee

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Black Pyramid/Let the Night Roar tour, May 2010

10 Northampton MA @ The Elevens w/Elder, Overman and Magna Mater
11 Keene NH @ Armadillo's w/Ponds and Black Norse
12 Buffalo NY @ Mohawk Place w/Sonorous Gale and Chylde
13 Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class w/Red Giant
14 Grand Rapids Michigan @ Mulligans w/ Greenthrone, Bullpig, Balboa MI and The Plague Years
15 Chicago IL @ The Rockbox w/Blood of the Tyrant
16 Indianapolis IN @ The Melody Inn w/Apostle of Solitude and Necropharmacon
17 Cincinnati OH @ The Comet w/Saber
18 Columbus OH @ Cafe Bourbon St w/Masters of Luxury
20 Wilmington DE @ Mojo 13 w/Backwoods Payback and Pagan Wolf Ritual

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