Photo by mithrandir3

Since I'm moving soon, I'm giving away CD's over the next few weeks. I've organized these giveaways by genre. First up is black metal. I'm giving away 30 CD's to a first prize winner, and 10 CD's to a second prize winner. These consist of demos, promos (including the latest from Singapore's Impiety, pictured above), and finished releases from the past year from labels including Candlelight, Moribund, Norma Evangelium Diaboli, Agonia, Paragon, and more. For a chance to win, email invisibleoranges at gmail dot com by midnight EST, Thursday, August 13, with the subject header "Black is the night" and your full name and address. I will pick winners randomly.

I'm also curious what people are listening to now black metal-wise. Any recommendations, new or old?

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