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Via J. Yuenger's blog, I discovered this wondrous thing.

I imagine it might color whatever activities occurred on or beneath it.

It might be cool if on its flip side, it were super-abrasive - burlap, say - like Side B of My War.

I had to track down this quilt's creator, one Shelby Rude.

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Who are you?

Shelby Rude, an 18 year-old grrl from the Northwest.

How did you get the idea to do this quilt?

I saw a picture on the Internet of something pretty similar, and I just decided to refine it a bit.

What did this quilt involve in terms of materials and time?

Materials costed about 50 bucks. Time-wise, I had to find an old-school projector, print a transparency, trace the transparency to make a pattern, cut out the pattern, then cut out the fabric, sew most of it by hand, and then stuff it. In total, it took about a month.

You are a handy person. How does one become handy?

6th grade Home Economics! Learned to hand-sew in that class, then in 7th or 8th grade, I took over my mom's sewing machine. I was just getting into punk music around then, and DIY ethics go hand-in-hand with punk, so it just became my passion. I used to spend hours looking for books, videos, tutorials on how to do anything crafty or handy.

What's your next DIY project?

More quilts! I want to do the covers of Slip It In and the '82 demos, as well as a portrait of Elton John.

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Shelby is my new hero(ine). If the world were just, Bed Bath & Beyond would carry her work, and parents would buy it for their university-bound children, filling dorm rooms everywhere with the imagery of classic, nihilistic hardcore. Poison Idea pillows, not Pulp Fiction posters!

— Cosmo Lee

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