Synthwave, along with its offshoots dark-synth and horror synth, continues to have a strong presence of affection from metalheads the world over, especially with black metal fans. It certainly makes sense given the cold electronic melodies employed in the genre, along with the multitude of references to beloved horror and cult films from the 1970s and 1980s. It should then be little surprise, especially given the abundance of time a global pandemic has allowed for composing music in isolation, that Morten Bergeton Iversen, better known as Teloch from the infamous Mayhem, has created his own synthwave project titled simply enough as Bergeton.

Being born in the cold neon glow of this desolate year almost seems destined, given how highly metallic dark-synthers Gost opened for Mayhem’s fall 2019 European tour. In fact, I spoke to both Iverson about his then upcoming enthusiasm for sharing a stage with a synth-based act and later Gost’s mastermind James Lollar about his recollections of the experience.

Bergeton’s debut Miami Murder is out tomorrow (October 15th), but we're sharing a streaming premiere of the full album a day ahead. Listen to the exclusive stream below and prepare for bloodied bodies to hit the digital dance floor.



The album is atmospherically rich, pulling the listener to exotic lunar dreamscapes, like savage murder scenes lit by the nighttime heat of Miami all the way to motorcycle gangs hanging out in the neon drenched arcades of Tokyo. The electronic melodies that dance upon the pounding beats of many tracks feel so icily cold they could fit comfortably in a black metal album, which, given different instrumentation, would likely translate perfectly. That all may seem a bit much to comprehend at first, but I think the dots really connect on tracks like "Natasha K.G.B," which feels oppressively haunting in the best of ways.

Miami Murder releases October 15th. Pre-orders and merch available via Nordic Music Merch.

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