Very sad news: Bell Witch drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra has passed away. Their label Profound Lore writes on Facebook:

Very shocked and saddened to wake up to the news of (former) BELL WITCH drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra's passing. Adrian played an integral role as one-half of Bell Witch with his ritual procession-like drumming and his apocalyptic-sounding death growls, and being responsible in helping to create a body of American funderal/death doom metal mastery spread out amongst a crushing demo and two masterful full-length albums. Most notably, last year's devastating and gut-wrenching "Four Phantoms" release which became one of, if not the most celebrated and acclaimed funeral/death doom metal album of 2015. A milestone in the genre if there ever was one. And ontop of that, Adrian was one of the nicest and most enthusiastic guys in doom metal you could ever know, such a rad dude. RIP brother.

Really, really sad to hear. Rest in peace Adrian.

Adrian had left Bell Witch prior to their recent tour. Last year, they released the excellent album Four Phantoms. Listen to it:

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