I’m going to make a little prediction here: in a decade, metal fans will look back at 2015 and remember it as a great year for grindcore. So many of the records I want to listen to again and again this year are indebted to that genre, records like Maruta’s Forever Dystopian, Theories’ Regression, Antigama’s The Insolent and Pyrrhon’s great new EP, Growth Without End. Thing is, I don’t think any of those records really sound all that similar except in broad strokes, which is one of the great things about grind right now: it seems more open to interpretation than ever before.

Unplugged, the upcoming third LP by Norway’s Beaten to Death takes an even looser interpretation of grind: shimmering guitar arpeggios and robust treble-heavy bass playing signify the band’s sound. Sections of their songs feel more like post-hardcore and screamo than grind. While many of the records I mentioned above sound clinically precise studio pieces, Beaten to Death record their albums minimally in their rehearsal space. There’s even a song on the record called “Don’t You Fucking Dare to Call Us Heavy Metal.” You’d never guess that they share a drummer with Tsjuder.

Despite the apparent contempt that Beaten to Death harbor for extreme music at large, they’ve made three excellent additions to the genre now with Unplugged. Listen to the penultimate track from the record, “Knulleviser for Barn,” below. Also, because we know most of you readers aren’t fluent in Norwegian, we got bassist Mika Martinussen to explain it for us.

He said: “The track is about major pop artists writing songs about love making (knulling), ignoring the fact that most of their fans are children (barn). Hits for kids? Knulleviser for barn."

Unplugged is out on October 9 via Mas-Kina Recordings. Follow Beaten to Death on Facebook.

—Joseph Schafer



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