Taking your instruments to a new extreme is an art all its own. We've seen Gorguts turn their string instruments into percussion instruments, Avernus transmute a guitar into a violin, Bell Witch's Dylan Desmond play his bass like a keytar, and countless other artists look at their instruments in a way which is new, refreshing, and creative. Baring Teeth is no different, and across their 15-year career this Texas trio has deconstructed the use of their instruments into micro-composed ideas and brief flourishes of hyper-technicality.

On their upcoming album The Path Narrows, the band's first album in half a decade, Baring Teeth's approach broadens to include a hushed sense of tonality and a centered near-melodicism. New single "Culled" embodies this, and the band agrees (in a statement below) that it not only turns up the intensity (listen to those fragmented D-beats!), but it also introduces new ideas to the fold that Baring Teeth haven't necessarily tried before. Listen to "Culled" ahead of The Path Narrows' release below.

From the band:

Culled covers a lot of ground and turned out to be one of our favorite songs from the record. It begins with some of our traditional approaches before introducing a lot of new ideas we haven’t tried before. It really dials up the intensity of the record.

The Path Narrows releases October 20th via I, Voidhanger Records.