The musician known as Ayloss has been busy over the past few years. Perhaps most known as the creative force behind Spectral Lore, Ayloss has been crafting black metal and dungeon synth records which are staggering when considered all together. Since the beginning of 2020, Ayloss has made somewhere around 14 releases under 7 different project names. These projects are similar in a macro sense, as they fit under a black metal or dungeon synth banner, yet when analyzed further, the various works of Ayloss offer listeners new landscapes to ponder. Much like a mystic seer, each of these records is a living world which has been crafted using vibrant palettes.

The Great Mist Within is the debut full-length release from Ayloss's new project Auriferous Flame, itself an expansion to a three song EP self-released this May. The full length is seeing a release through True Cult Records, and by all intents and purposes feels like a proper introduction to the project. Inspired by the sound and ethos of black metal of the 1990s and 2000s, The Great Mist Within retains the ferocity of inspirations like Rotting Christ and Bathory while updating it to fit within the space of 2022. With some songs reaching past the 10 minute mark, The Great Mist Within is a long form record built upon a solid understanding of the music and its history. Songs like "Ancient Corridors" radiate depressive tones before exploding into a galaxy of fire and light. The Great Mist Within is a record that could have been recorded in 1997, but makes much more sense as a record of today. It is both reflective and focused on the present with all of the momentum in the world.

Black metal has evolved past the aesthetics and ethos of its creation. We are able to create and enjoy music that isn't tied to problematic foundations. The Great Mist Within is not a reclamation of black metal's history rather a continuation of building its future. Auriferous Flame is a proof of concept where you have the ferocity of history married with an understanding of the present. This is a record which comes from a creator who is deeply entrenched in the crafting of worlds. The Great Mist Within is a fantastic addition to the library of Ayloss and can be experienced on its own–but from personal experience, it works the best when taken in as a part of a black metal constellation of work.

Stream the album below ahead of its Friday release:


The Great Mist Within releases August 26th via True Cult Records.

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