Mysterious melody sits at the heart of Artanor‘s debut album In Servitude of Darkness, but that heart is a raw, bloody thing. Drawing from black metal’s primeval furor, In Servitude of Darkness entirely avoids the additional scaffolding the genre evolved into in favor of raw, riff-driven hunger. The persuasive riffs that permeate the album aptly illustrate the dark fantasy world it describes and also impatiently carve out sonic space; it’s a shadowy, teethed affair that sets imaginations alight.

Today, we’re premiering “From the Roaring Fire,” which blazes as brightly as its name suggests. It’s not quite the longest track on the album, but eight minutes of Artanor’s immersive black metal are more than sufficient to plunge listeners into a world of mythical evil and dazzling spectacle.

The band comments:

“From the Roaring Fire” introduces the Murkar, and tells the process of them building their steam train and hidden, subterranean rail system. Constructed deep beneath the lands of Meklarah, so the allies can move swiftly and without being seen. However – unknown even to those that dwell under the ground – a new darkness awaits them in the depths.

In Servitude of Darkness releases July 27th via Gutter Prince Cabal.