Last year, as a goodwill gesture to hometown fans, Animosity played a free show in a San Francisco park. I wasn't there, but the event was captured on video (see above). It's so San Francisco, from the decidedly mixed crowd to the incongruity of death metal outside on a rainy afternoon. Dig the guitarists' matching Stryper-esque Alexi Laiho Flying V's. The video's sound seems to come not from the gig, but from a demo. I've posted the final version of the song, "You Can't Win," from Animosity's Animal, which I've reviewed here.

Animosity - You Can't Win
Impaled - G.O.R.E.
Marblebog - I Am the Forest Heart (excerpt)

At Metal Injection, I've reviewed South Carolina deathcore-rs Through the Eyes of the Dead and Hungarian black metallers Marblebog. At Decibel, I've reviewed Bay Area goremasters Impaled and Danish death metallers Corpus Mortale. I've also started writing for All Music Guide, so the sidebar gallery will see more flux now. Of the latest batch of records I reviewed, the highlight was Hirax's The New Age of Terror, my favorite post-'80s thrash album.

Also new in the sidebar, some additions to the blogroll - Driftglass (aka Forrest Norvell, an astute musical polyglot), I'm the Most Important Fucking Person in the World (focusing on the heavy and hairy), MetalJazz (does as advertised), Metal Jew (aka Keith Kahn-Harris, author of Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge), and Umlaut (aka Brian Lew, who did the legendary Umlaut zine; he was there back in thrash's heyday, and his blog has amazing firsthand accounts of Metallica, Slayer, and Ruthie's Inn).