by Cosmo Lee

When I saw Animosity play in Berlin last year, I ran into Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre). He told me that Animosity had commissioned him to remix songs from their latest record, Animal (Metal Blade, 2007). This excited me to no end. Animosity is one of my favorite bands, and Drumcorps is the only breakcore artist I can stand (partially because he samples Botch and Converge). The results are out - three remixes, each guaranteed to raise your blood pressure. Drumcorps adds his trademark pulverizing drill 'n' bass beats, gleefully chopping up Amen breaks and tossing them into a digital blender. The remixes are surprisingly straightforward, not altering vocals or guitars much, though the final one has rather psychedelic edits. Though purists might frown upon such a pairing, it makes complete sense - Animosity's end-times message run through Drumcorps' turn-knobs-to-infinity production. It's harsh, dirty, and best of all, free. Download the EP in 320 kbps MP3 or FLAC here.

Toothgrinder (remix aka "Thin Retro God")
Toothgrinder (original)

The release also comes in some of the most mindblowingly eye-watering vinyl ever made: 10" splatter vinyl, 4 varieties ("Birthday Cake," "Cupcake," "Wealthy Eggplant," and "Moldy Cheese"), with a foil-stamped B-side and a hand-screenprinted, hand-letterpressed jacket. For pictures and more info, go here.

Finally, look out for Drumcorps' remix (alongside Danny Lohner, Scott Hull, Phillip Cope, and Ulver) in the 3rd installment of the 5-volume Genghis Tron remixes. Volume 1 is in stores next week, featuring remixes by Steve Moore, Justin K. Broadrick, Eluvium, and that Rob Crow fellow we discussed yesterday.

10" mindblowing splatter vinyl
Free download (320 kbps MP3, FLAC)