It might honestly be unnecessary to explicitly mention that Angerot mix their Swedish-inspired death metal with a healthy dose of blackened vitriol–the "ov" preposition, as featured in the post title, is almost solely associated with bands that dabble in these unholy arts. As expert practitioners, be assured Angerot have earned the right to turn their 'f's into 'v's. Their upcoming album The Profound Recreant is some malicious, unnatural stuff, and the South Dakotans have additionally enlisted an absurd roster of guest appearances to round it out. We're premiering "Horns ov Moses" below, featuring Simon Olsen of Baest on guest vocals.



Familiar buzzsaw-like guitar tones carve out wicked swaths of devilish melodies, showcasing the band's skill at creating powerful compositions on top of just riffs. It's hard to argue with the meat and potatoes of the record, and the band's theatrical malevolence makes the tasty death metal irresistible. With Judeo-Abrahamic lore twisted into suitably sinister black metal subject matter, tinges of Middle Eastern melody and eerie choirs heighten the charred, dire atmosphere that pervades The Profound Recreant.

The band comments:

"Horns ov Moses" was a working title that I have had for several years, and simply needed to find the proper home musically for it. I have done a fair amount of side research into some fringe elements of Christianity that tend to fall to the wayside in contemporary times. With this specific topic, I stumbled across some alternative views regarding Moses and his transformation once receiving the commandments from God. From that point, his skin glowed and he was adorned with a set of horns, often likened to those of a goat...and they all feared him as a result of his sheer anger and destruction of the Tablets of Law.

This is the basis for my twist on the "Horns ov Moses", that he was changed into something completely different, dark, aggressive, empowered and completely filled with vitriol.

As I move into the lyric writing of each album my mind begins to pull voices and deliveries of potential guests that could compliment specific songs. Very early on with "Horns ov Moses," I felt that I heard a specific voice in tandem with mine and that was Simon Olsen of Baest. I stumbled across Baest back in 2018, and I was extremely impressed with them as a whole. Their single for Crosswhore absolutely floored me. Simon's vocal delivery was everything I like in a vocalist, low, articulate, and full of power. We ended up using the same producer as Baest on our last album and made contact with Simon and worked to align schedules to have him on. He fits as perfectly as I envisioned and did a fantastic job as "Horns ov Moses" is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the new album.


The Profound Recreant releases March 24, 2023 via Redefining Darkness Records.

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