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Dear Dave Mustaine,

It is impossible for me to express how much you can go get fucked by a bear in a hole somewhere. Truly you are the skin tag of the world, hanging on to the scene many feel you helped create by the filament-thin thread of a few semi-decent songs. You are dog shit after a light rain.

However, these statements are simple knee-jerk opinion, and do not accurately explain why I have come to hold you in such low regard. So allow me to pontificate on your rankness by taking your recent public comments, one after another, and dissecting them, so as to illustrate what a pathetic dickrag you are.

Let’s begin with your support of Republican politician and right-wing Christian Rick Santorum. Your political support alone is not something I can find fault in—people have opinions, many of which I think are ridiculous—but your explanation for your support is absolutely ridiculous. Your claim is that you stand behind Santorum because he left his campaign to be with his sick daughter. To your credit, this is a noble action on Santorum’s part, one that I can’t fault. With that said, it’s a stupid reason to support a political candidate, especially one who stands for good old-fashioned Christian-based American politics, a man who has said that the separation of church and state makes him nauseous. You are supporting a man who would have the majority of heavy metal music outlawed for the simple reason that he performed a basic action of human kindness. This, to me, implies that you don’t know shit about shit about politics, and that you’d rather blindly follow someone who warmed your heart once than take a look at the full span of his opinions.

Which brings us to your comments on African women you have seen on TV, who you claim should “plug it up” because they have more children than they can support. To begin with, this comment is insensitive as Hell, as you know, and touches on nothing about these people’s culture other than some gut reaction to what you have witnessed from the comfort of your living room.

Next, let’s look at this statement in regards to your politics. Never mind the fact that this insensitivity far outweighs any warm feelings that emanate from your appreciation of Santorum’s fatherly instincts—you’re are supporting the political candidate who wants to outlaw the plugs. The easiest way for these women to have fewer kids is the widespread use of birth control, which Santorum himself would cease. Abstinence and virtue are nice ideas, but these African women probably have plenty of Bibles, and that doesn’t seem to have helped them. More importantly, these women have no say in their reproductive rights in this part of the world--their husbands do. They live in a society where men get to control the bodies of the women around them, judging which behavior is right and wrong.

You know who else supports such a society? Your candidate. This proves that not only are you heartless bordering on sociopathic, but you continue to lack all understanding of the cause you’re supporting. I can only assume you’ve been a rock star for so many years that you now think that your acclaim is enough of a reason for you run your mouth. I can assure you that this is not the case. No matter how many records you’ve sold, you’re still a jerk.

Finally, there is your most recent comment about whether or not Barack Obama was born in America. I’d like to start by saying that I, personally, don’t think it matters. Obama grew up in America, went to school in America, and has supported the people of America. What soil he was birthed on doesn’t mean a thing. America is a country where something as simple as where you were born doesn’t matter—a free man should be judged for what he does, not for who he is, and a truly free and just American understands that. You are, therefore, in mind, a disgrace to your country. More important is your question of why Barack Obama was “invisible” until the 2008 election, which I can only answer by saying, Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? Obama’s been around for decades, you just weren’t looking for him so you never saw him!

According to your logic, we should be questioning the birthplace and history of Sarah Palin as well, because until the 2008 election I had no clue who she was, because I wasn’t paying attention to her. You may dislike the Obama administration, and I can forgive that even if I don’t agree with it—that’s what being an American is all about. But I don’t forgive ignorance, which is different, from mind, than a lack of book smarts. I don’t care if people would rather watch Modern Family than read Catch 22, I just ask that they don’t try to then talk about the book like they have any fucking idea what’s going on. If you are going to come out with a public stance on something like politics, you need to illustrate that you know what you’re talking about.

Which leads me to my final point: You are a role model for a lot of people out there, whether you asked for that role or not. I’m not a huge Megadeth fan (and even I’m writing some fucking letter to you!), but I know dozens of people who are, and all you’re doing is either shitting all over their love of you or urging them to make uninformed decisions and opinions. You are currently in support of ignorance, and that’s not cool. I remember watching you at the end of the second Decline of Western Civilization movie, when Megadeth was stood up next to so many of these idiot hair metal bands to illustrate that, no, not all of us headbangers are that stupid, and yes, some of us want to create art to support something bigger, and more human, than ourselves. I respected you then. Now, seeing a picture of you puts a shitty taste in my mouth.

My advice to you is to either learn enough to be informed when you’re talking about politics (and maybe grow some tact—that ‘plug it up’ thing is more awful than words), or shut your fucking pie-hole and just be a musician. Right now, you are an example to people everywhere that heavy metal fans are just what they’ve always said we are . . . hostile idiots who run their mouths about things they’re too lazy to understand. Either prove them wrong by being informed in your conservative views, or do your job and play your fucking guitar.

Scab Casserole

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