“Ambient Death” is an improbable name seemingly spawned from a music genre name generator. This Brooklyn band’s sound could also come from a machine, one of time warp. The aptly-titled Time Eclipse is the most accurate re-creation of early ’90s progressive death metal I’ve ever heard, when bands started exploring jazz fusion, but with thrash still in the rear-view mirror.


Two records from 1990 come to mind – Atheist’s Piece of Time and Death’s Spiritual Healing. But unlike today’s thrash revival, which only makes me want to revisit old albums, this EP has the open-ended spirit of its inspirations. The songs are nonlinear yet compact. Synths sparkle throughout, coming not from keyboards, but from a guitar synth (geekily awesome). The guitarist is obviously schooled in classic metal, but bends familiar melodies into new shapes. Atheist’s Roger Patterson’s ghost is strong in the bass, and the drums are colorfully unpredictable. The production values (especially the vocal reverb) are a perfect throwback to the early ’90s.

This is one of the most talented American metal bands I’ve heard in ages, and they’re unsigned??? I’ve only posted one clip, as the EP has five tracks. The band’s MySpace has more sounds, as well as the EP for sale. It comes in a nice, six-panel digipak, and could very well become a legendary, sought-after collectors’ item. You want it.

Time Eclipse is available from Ambient Death’s website and MySpace, and from CD Baby.