Riffs, in their meatiest and most primal form, sit at the heart of Allochiria's post-sludge metal. On the Greek band's upcoming third album Commotion, they act like a beating heart, urgent conductors driving loose, heartfelt instrumental elements and completely uncompromising vocals. It's an intensely headbangable record.

On "Darklight," which we're premiering today, an opening staccato sequence unfolds into guitars and drums interlocking in pummeling rhythms. It's a surprisingly hypnotic underpinning to the yearning lead lines throughout the song, and also proves to be a powerful backdrop to the audio sample later on in the song. In the accompanying video, animal-masked men crawl and cavort for some unknown purpose–pretty bizarre visuals, but they do evoke the same sense of surreal desolation that the track conjures.

Listen below:



The band comments:

This pretty much describes a ghost town, where people were forced to evacuate due to war/oppression/occupation. "You" is the oppressor, who faces someday the oppressed in his deathbed, and may or may not regret his actions.


Commotion releases April 24th via Venerate Industries.

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