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In an entirely kind move, Finnish atmospheric hardcore band Unkind are streaming their brand new album, Pelon Juuret, in its entirety.

We are being treated to the stream a day prior to the release date for North America tomorrow. (Relapse has Pelon Juuret already available on CD/LP/Digital for the rest of the world, including some exclusive packages. Having a hard time imagining an atmospheric hardcore band? Think of the convergence of melodic, yet crusty hardcore ala Tragedy with post-rock tendencies.

If you "puhu suomea" (speak Finnish) you might get something out of their lyric video for the song "Kentoon Tapetut". If not, the English translation is below.

Vanessa Salvia

"Cradle Killed"

children are turned into adults to improve sales
small whores and murderers try to play along desperately

parents' role is just to buy their children everything love can not
while trapped in their treadmill

examples are given from intoxicant use to backward political enlightenment
the rest comes unfiltered through digital babysitters to the living-room

the responsibility of undoing the knot is pushed to the state educational institution

while still getting offended about any proposals on improving the situation

subconsciously recognizing their incompetence at raising their offspring

alternatives are growing up into being the same assholes, as their breeders, or into endless hatred towards them

while children are having children, who would have time to raise them all
into human beings

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